OCD vs. spam

The part of my OCD that makes me cringe over those little red numbers on my home screen indicating something needs my attention has never extended to my personal email account.
For some reason, I have always been able to block that out of my neurosis no matter how big the number got.
However, I spent most of last weekend in bed for a myriad of reasons and had my phone in my hand 99.9 percent of the time I was awake.
That’s when that not-so-little red number – which read something near 28,000 – started to drive me a little crazy.
I figured what better time than now to do something about it.
But, it wasn’t just a matter of deleting them all.
One, because believe it or not, there were some important messages in there that required saving.
And, two, because if I simply deleted them, the problem would repeat itself.
So, I began marking spam as such and unsubscribing to dozens of senders I didn’t remember signing up for in the first place.
There was a ton of spam – including more than a few advertisements offering to enlarge a piece of anatomy that I do not possess – and other even more unmentionable items.
Then there were the daily “specials” from retailers I have ordered from.
Over the course of two days, I eventually got it down from more than 27,000 to right around 7,500.
The stopping point – which came about midnight Sunday night – was an internal battle.
Did I want to leave it at an even number, or stop clearing out all of a specific month?
The latter finally won because I knew that even number wouldn’t last for long despite my valiant unsubscribing efforts.
I cleared everything out back to July 31, 2016.
As I was trying to get to sleep before a long work week, I wondered just how I accumulated 20,000 emails in just over two years.
That’s nearly 30 emails a day.
Who knew I was so popular?

Christina Derr is a reporter for this paper.