White-tails bring out red-faced tirades

Okay, so, it doesn’t take much for y’all to lose your minds. Apparently all someone has to do is suggest you shouldn’t feed Bambi anymore.
Last Wednesday afternoon, July 25, I was sorting through the week’s stories, deciding which should get posted to our social media pages and in what order, and figured the Azle city council’s recent discussions about deer would be of interest — especially to anyone living in the Old Cobweb Park Addition and neighboring subdivisions.
For the record, I’m one of those residents. Recent development has made the areas near Stewart Street, Lakeview Drive, Ash Avenue, and Dunaway Lane become Ground Zero for deer. I see it every day.
Anyway, I scheduled the post for Wednesday at 7 p.m. and before 10 that night I’d realized that people were really passionate about the subject — even more than I originally thought.
We had one commenter mad because our automatic profanity filter locked his comment down despite the fact that he has allegedly subscribed to the paper eight years longer than it has existed.
Another is a former elected official who took this as an opportunity to blast a current elected official.
A third claimed someone on the Azle council simply hates deer. Really?! Hates deer!?
If I hated deer I’d just become a hunter. Which I am, but not because I “hate” deer. However, that would be a quicker way to exercise supposed animosity than going through a legislative body.
Others argued the city caused the problem by allowing so much development. Some of these were the same people I see on other Facebook pages saying the council isn’t doing enough to bring (insert food/entertainment venue they personally desire here) to town.
Many of the rest of you decided to say the city can’t tell you what to do, especially on your own property.
Well, yeah, they can.
It’s called a code of ordinances, and many of those inflict penalties on the same level as a traffic ticket legally, so you should probably know that if you choose to live in the city limits.
Let me ask those of you fighting so hard for the right to feed deer if you’ve experienced any of the following:
• Not being able to get out of your driveway because people are slowing down to check out the deer.
I have.
• Jumped out of your skin because you heard a gunshot very near your house. A gunshot that turned out to be from the weapon of a police officer who had to put down a deer that had been hit by one of the few cars which didn’t slow down.
I have. Twice.
(By the way, those arguing the council and the city should focus on bigger issues like crime obviously don’t realize that the deer issue is requiring the use of police resources – namely time – something that is going to get worse as more deer are forced out in the open.)
• Sat outside, enjoying twilight, when a buck that’s trapped in your fence starts to stomp and snort at you because he’s not all that afraid of humans anymore but doesn’t understand why he can’t find his way out of your front yard.
I have. It wasn’t fun.
• Had pounds of deer corn dumped in your driveway — because someone saw all of the deer in the brush across the street and wanted to draw them out — leading to even more traffic backup.
I have.
Azle has a deer problem, y’all.
If you have not noticed that you either don’t live in town or aren’t paying attention.