Longtime public works director jailed

Webb fired following allegations of theft

Former Public Works Director Melvin Webb was fired July 9 and arrested July 11 following accusations of theft.

One of Springtown’s longest-tenured employees is out and is facing criminal charges following allegations that he used his position for personal gain.
Public Works Director Melvin Webb was terminated from his position by City Administrator David Miller Monday, July 9.

That same day, Springtown Chief of Police Tony Motley requested a warrant be issued for Webb’s arrest and upon reviewing the probable cause affidavit, Parker County Pct. 2 Justice of the Peace Kelly Green issued warrant for two charges – both Class A misdemeanors stemming from the same 2016 incident.
The charges
According to the probable cause affidavit sworn by Motley, the charges stem from a fall 2016 incident wherein Webb is charged with taking city property for personal use.
The document states the investigation into Webb’s actions began when two former employees approached Miller and reported that Webb had taken between 12-18 cubic feet of road base belonging to the city to make a parking lot on private property outside of the city limits.
The duo said that they had been ordered by Webb to deliver the road base to the property in city-owned vehicles.
After interviewing the witnesses and the owner of the property where the road base was used to make a parking lot – a property where Webb flies RC model planes – Motley stated he interviewed Webb himself July 9.
After waving his Miranda rights, Webb confessed to ordering the witnesses to transport the base, but denied it was city-owned materials that he used.
However, Motley stated that Webb was unable to produce any documentation of purchasing, or any witness to him obtaining the road base – which is valued at $450 – from another source.
The affidavit also states that Webb admitted to swapping a city-owned generator with one owned by the RC plane club Webb belonged to.
The warrants issued for Webb’s arrest charge him with abuse of official capacity and theft by a public servant.
The fallout
Webb celebrated his 20-year anniversary as a city employee in December 2017 and was honored by the council.
Less than nine years after he began his career as a Springtown city employee, he rose to the top of the department tasked with managing the city’s infrastructure when he was promoted to director of public works in August 2006.
Miller said, however, that this type of behavior won’t be tolerated by any city employee.
“There is level of integrity that is expected, and if employees don’t meet it, the appropriate action will be taken,” Miller said.
He and Motley are continuing to investigate the cases, and they believe this to be not an isolated incident but something that had taken place long-term.
The city administrator and police chief both stated they believe that the theft of city property or misuse of the same rose no higher in rank than Webb, and likely did not include any past city administrators, or previous or current council members.
Miller reported that Webb turned himself in early Wednesday morning to the Parker County Jail, no additional information was available as of press time.
Miller said that for the time being, he will assume Webb’s job responsibilities as the investigation continues.