Three camp options next week

Baseball, softball, wrestling plus POJO Maker


The summer sports camp season is underway.
Because the high school gym floors are being redone, all court camps are being conducted at the middle school gym this year.
Remaining camp dates:
Baseball – June 4-7; $50; Porcupine Stadium
Softball – June 4-7; $50; Porcupine Stadium
Wrestling – June 4-6; $50; SHS Indoor Facility
Soccer – June 11-14; two sessions; $50; Porcupine Stadium
Boys basketball – June 18-21; $50; SMS gym
Girls basketball – June 18-21; $50; SMS gym
Youth football – July 10-12; $50; SHS Indoor Facility
Elite volleyball – July 29-31; $125; SHS gym
Football – July 31-Aug 2; $50; SHS Indoor Facility
POJO Maker, a $100 speed and strength camp, runs for six weeks beginning June 4 with a break the week of July 4.
Applications are available online at
Click on “Our Schools” and choose Springtown High School, then “Athletics,” then find “Summer Camps 2018” on the left-hand waterfall list.
Once again, each child after the first one can register for half price for the same camp.
All camps are $50 and can be paid with check or money order with one exception – the Elite volleyball camp link on the SISD website offers a method to pay online.
For more info, contact the AD office at (817) 220-3040.