Another Derr graduates

Well, it’s here.
The last Derr sibling graduates from Azle High School this week.
It means two things: We’re all finally adults (hey, with a 13-year spread, it took a while), and the faculty gets at least a few years of break from us.
That is until the youngest Derr, my son, busts through the doors in 2021.
Since 2001, there has been one Derr wandering those halls at AHS.
Since I was their first taste, they probably froze in fear when John’s name began appearing on class rosters.
I was, let’s just say rambunctious.
He wasn’t. In fact he was quite the opposite. He was quiet and reserved.
Then they got Katie who was also quiet and reserved, and probably all began to think that I was obviously the bad seed in the family.
Ha! Ha! Wrong!
Because next came this year’s grad, Victoria. She, like me, has uh, “opinions.”
You’re going to hear about them, and you’re not going to change her mind, and if you try she’s just going to get louder.
Sometimes I worry that she’s a bit too much like her oldest sister.
Sure, her determination, strong will, and tenacity will benefit her sometimes, but as I’ve learned – often the hard way – those traits can often do more harm than good.
I didn’t realize just how similar we are until I had a recent conversation with my grandmother.
Victoria and I were disagreeing about her future plans and I was venting to hopefully get some advice about how to handle it.
I said, “Mema, she is 17 years old and I can’t tell her anything.”
My grandma in her infinite wisdom replied, “Honey, paybacks are hell.”
Mic. Dropped.
That’s when I remembered the frustrations I caused my elders when I graduated from high school.
Except, I was 16 and had very little recourse but to do what I was told.
Victoria will turn 18 in a week and really doesn’t have to listen to anyone.
I’m not too worried, though, she’s done all right so far.
Here’s to your future, kiddo. Welcome to the alumni club.

Christina Derr is a reporter for this paper.