Church Spotlight: Springtown church of Christ

The Springtown church of Christ is a Spirit-led, grace-driven family of imperfect people attempting to follow a perfect God. The congregation strives to truly love everyone, and desires to be a blessing to the community and those around them as we walk in difficult times.

The church of Christ in Springtown began in 1905 when five area churches ­— Highland, Terrapin Neck, Fairview, Keeter, and Cottondale — gathered to hold a tent meeting. Jim Wilkins, Jesse Thomas and A.L. Thomas served as the first elders. The church met in the old City Hall until property was purchased on May 6, 1907 in the 100 block of West 4th St. A building was erected in 1909 and enlarged in 1943. J.K. Bently served as the first full-time preacher for the church in 1949.

In 1957 a new building was built on the same property, where White’s Funeral Home currently sits. The church met there until growth allowed them to move to their present location at 316 Church St., off Hwy. 51 North, the first Sunday in June, 1978. David Bennett became preaching minister in December 2009.

“My name was suggested to Ken Roe, one of the current shepherds, by his uncle who is an acquaintance of my dad,” David said. “I have been preaching for 39 years, much of that in the Lubbock area, but I was blessed a few years ago to meet a farmer in Abernathy who helped me move from legalism to a grace-driven ministry.”

David has been married to Marleen (Dupey) Bennett for 38 years; they have three daughters and six grandchildren. He graduated from the Preston Road School of Preaching in Dallas in 1981. He also holds degrees from Lubbock Christian University in Bible and Ministry: BS, 1998 and MS, 2007.

The church’s youth ministry, led by Lance and Ashley Hall, actively sponsors camps, retreats, service and spiritual renewal opportunities through the school year and in the summer. LifeGroups, a small-group ministry, meet throughout the week at several locations to offer a more intimate environment where faith is freely shared. The Rainbow School that began in 1992 still serves the community as a preschool for children 2-5 years old. The Life Builders Club offers an after-school program for 5th and 6th graders. The church also has a GriefShare class that currently meets each Tuesday at 6:30. Foreign mission work is supported in Ghana, Kenya and the Philippines.

The Springtown church of Christ focuses on salvation by grace through faith in Jesus. Like other churches of Christ, they are known for choosing to worship with a capella singing, without instruments, but they do not hold any other to this opinion.

Bible classes for all ages are held each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Worship assembly is at 10:30 a.m. There is a devotional and classes each Wednesday at 7 p.m., and during the school year a meal is shared on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. Anyone from the community is always welcome.