Pencil in your summer moviegoing slate right now

Here’s where the Movie Man is headed the next four months – and you can follow along to compare and contrast.

11 – The Movie Man is an unabashed Melissa McCarthy fan; she’s funny. Her next movie is one the Movie Man will see – Life of the Party.
18 – No question: Deadpool 2. The first R-rated one (2016, Movie Man No. 1189, 7) broke the superhero mold. This one looks to continue the raunchy, snarky Deadpool tropes.
25 – Solo: A Star Wars Story suddenly found cyber-legs and is one of the most advance ticket purchases in history. The trailer looks like great fun.

1 – Studios figure that between Deadpool and Han Solo, they’re chances of making hay are mighty low. Still, the Movie Man will force himself to see either Adrift or Action Point – neither of which is that enticing.
8 – Sometimes weeks arrive that make choosing tough (generally in the summer and winter holiday gluts), and this is one. Both Ocean’s 8 – an all-female version of the popular series – and the already lauded horror movie Hereditary are interesting.
15 – No doubt: The Incredibles 2, the long-awaited sequel to the fantastic original (2004, MM #585, 8).
22 – The next $1 billion dollar movie arrives, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The coming attractions are great, and the build-up is massive.
29 – When a mega-movie like Fallen World arrives, studios know the next week is trouble, too (see May 25), so there’s not much to look forward to this week. Neither the action movie Sicario: Day of the Soldado nor the hoops comedy Uncle Drew look to be around long this summer. The Movie Man will likely catch the latter.

6 – It’s time for another Marvel movie. Ant-Man and the Wasp is not related to the current Avengers: Infinity War (MM #1304, 8). But the first one – Ant-Man (2015, MM #1149, 7) – was great fun and this one looks to be, too.
13 – The Movie Man has seen the first two Hotel Transylvanias (No. 1: 2012, MM #1002, 6; No. 2: 2015, MM #1169, 3) but might miss the third – Summer Vacation – because he’s such a devotee of The Rock. Dwayne Johnson’s Skyscraper looks to be a classic, old school, absurd action movie.
20 – The Movie Man really liked The Equalizer (2014, MM #1107, 7), and he’s known to herald Denzel Washington as, with Tom Hanks, America’s best actor. So, yes, the Movie Man will certainly go see The Equalizer 2.
27 – This is another easy week. The Movie Man has seen every Mission: Impossible movie and they’re all mostly decent:
No. 1 – 1996, MM #129, 7
No. 2 – 2000, MM #342, 6
No. 3 – 2006, MM #664, 5
No. 4 – 2011, MM #963, 8
So, he’ll certainly be seeing No. 5, Fallout.

3 – A cute kids movie often pops up just before school begins. This year it’s Christopher Robin, a tale of the boy as an adult meeting Winnie the Pooh again.
10 – A late summer horror movie also arises often. (The Movie Man hates that he will miss The First Purge in July, but he’s headed to Ant-Man and the Wasp.) This summer’s late scary movie is monster-based, The Meg, short for megalodon, the largest sea creature that ever existed.
17 – Brian Henson, son of beloved Muppet creator Jim Henson, has made what looks to be a weird puppet murder/mystery/comedy called The Happytime Murders.
The plot: “When the puppet cast of an ‘80s children’s TV show begins to get murdered one by one, a disgraced LAPD detective-turned-private eye takes on the case.” Voices include Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph.
24 – The summer is winding down by now. A horror movie, Slender Man, based on the computer legend, looks like the best bet.
31 – Summer is now dead.

The FALL of ‘18
Hope remains for the autumn of 2018. There’s a remake of Predator (Sept. 14).
The curious The House with a Clock in its Walls – a fantasy (directed by goremaster Eli Roth!) where a boy searches for a clock than can bring about the end of the world (Sept. 21).
Another Marvel movie arrives Oct. 5, Venom.
There’s yet another remake of Halloween (Oct. 19), this returning to the original plot and penned by the curious choice of comedian Danny McBride (who is a huge fan).
That same week, another Melissa McCarthy movie shows up – Can You Ever Forgive Me? – as an author out of step with current trends who turns to her pal, Jack, the great Richard E. Grant.
The Freddie Mercury/Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody is due in Nov., too.